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101 Ways to Annoy People 1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly. 2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage." 3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go." 4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..." 5. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talk ...continue
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Things To Do At Wal-Mart While You Wait For Your Family To Shop 1. Get boxes of condoms & put them in peoples' carts when they aren't looking. 2. Make a trail of orange juice on the floor to the restrooms. 3. Walk up to an employee and announce in an official tone, "I think we have a code 3 in housewares," and see what happens. 4. Put some M&M's on lay away. 5. Set up a tent in the camping departm ...continue
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Today we salute you, Mr. Beach Metal Detector Guy.
Some seek their fortune in the stock market,
Others in real estate,
But you look for loose change in the sand.
(hittin’ the jackpot)
Armed with a five foot Geiger counter and the world’s largest set of ear phones
You live your life with a simple code of honor:
“Finder’s keepers. Loser’s weepers.”
(finder’s ...continue

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Top 8 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of The Catholic Church

8. Walk up to the priest and say, "Daddy! I've finally found you!"
7. When the Eucharist is placed in your hands, run around, yelling, "AHH! IT BURNS!"
6. Go up to the person giving out the wine, take a sip and say, "Is this really Jesus' blood!?" When you get a reply of "yes", take another sip and say, "Holy crap! Thi ...continue

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A guy walks in to a bar and there's a sign behind the counter that says "Pass the test and drink here free for life." The man says to the bartender, "What's the test?" and the bartender says, "Well, first, you have to drink a whole bottle of tequila without throwing up or passing out. After that, there's a crocodile in that bathroom over there that you'll need to kill with your bare hands. And las ...continue
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News from BadassBuddy

September 2010

Damn, BadassBuddy... You OLD!

On Sep 24, 2010, BadassBuddy will be 10 years old.

A decade ago went from 0 to Badass in about 2.5 lunar cycles
(the Web's 21st fastest growing site at the time), and the birth of an Internet anti-hero turned into a fleeting past-time for millions of chat-zombies around the globe (before SpaceBook took ownership of the majority of our free time). At times BadassBuddy was almost as impressive as the best xkcd ever!, with aspirations of being just half as cool as the worst Homestar Runner ever. (..negatory..)

10 years ago the BadassBuddy concept essentially began with just one simple piece of "edgy" pixel art that made AOL Instant Messenger™®© appear to have a nifty new feature:

Unfortunately, pixel art has since been considered a dying art form, however the ninjas over at will show you that pixel creativity is in fact still very much alive
(and I know you still love retro video gaming when you're not FPS'ing and rocking out with pretend instruments).

So I'd like to wish BadassBuddy a happy 10 year anniversary, but more importantly I'd like to thank the brilliant artists, the mediocre artists
(gotta start somewhere), the blog entry contributors, the web designers and content managers, the rockingest server admin ever, and everybody else involved, for all of the hard work and passion that went in to making a unique contribution to the interwebs.



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